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Jack is a dragon with a big heart and a love of doughnuts. He wishes for nothing more than to find a home filled with friends and fun. The problem is that others see him as too big, too scary or too loud, so he becomes sad and lonely.

Will Jack ever find a home and a friend who accepts him just the way he is?

Publishers Note:

This book has been authored and illustrated by two of the most creative, kind and intelligent souls you will ever meet. After reading the lead pencil version which was carefully authored, illustrated and stapled together by the author at just 10 years of age, I was compelled to bring the book to life for others to enjoy. The story is one of inclusion, innocence and kindness. It is a gentle but important reminder that our children can teach us many lessons and values we often forget as adults. Emma has lovingly transformed the original lead pencil illustrations into nothing short of a magical journey of Jack’s adventure to find what should matter most to us all. ~ Kelly

Emma Wu


I have always loved how children view the world around us; it’s always so simple and beautiful. They pay attention to those micro beauties in daily life, things that grown-ups often don’t notice anymore. It could be that random cloud in a shape of a piglet, or the sparkling water under the bright sun, or just the first butterfly that appears in the backyard when Spring arrives...


I also really enjoy animated movies. Being an adult means taking on responsibilities and always acting proper and thinking logically, but I still deeply enjoy the warm fuzzy feelings that those movies brought me.


So now, hopefully, you will understand how special it is for me to work on this project with KD and The Marketing Bungalow. I truly enjoyed every second that I have spent on this book. Every brush stroke means so much to me.



The author was only just ten years old when they wrote this story. This bio picture shows the front cover of the original handwritten and illustrated version that was created using pieces of home printer paper that were carefully torn into a book's pages. This is why the story of My Dragon in a Bathtub is so special. It brings to life through the eyes of a child how it feels to be sad and alone, followed by the joy of friendship.


The collaboration between the author, publisher and illustrator was kismet in slowly but surely bringing this story to life in the form of a beautiful, printed children's book. Admiration and respect for each other's talents and expertise is why this project means so much to us. Thank you for sharing our dream.

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